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"we came to the world not by finding someone perfect to love, but to learn how to love an imperfect person perfectly"

Sunday, March 28, 2004

it's really been awhile that i update my blog....for those of you who wonder why, it's not because i've been busy but it's because i've been so damnnnn lazyyyy latelly...not just in updating my blog but in other things as whats up with me latelly? hmm....same old same old...nothing really interesting.....over the weekend i saw "taking lives"...good movie...those who havent seen should.....sat night was permias nyc first event...we had a "movie night" at kjri.......lumayan suksess lah....a lot of people came late....i wasnt suprised....typical orang melayu...:P from that event should be posted in permiasnyc website soon...:) terus sekarang gua lagi sakit berattt neeh....i lost my throat hurtttssss so much...i think it's an infection....well i dont know what else to write here....cuz i'm sick as a dog now and am feeling like shitttt nowww.....ok deh....laterrr..hey now :)

posted by lanternaon Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Jokes Jayus alias Garing... 

Jangan kawin dengan orang Telkom, tiap 3 menit putus...Jangan kawin sama Dr Gigi, habis digoyang langsung dicabut...Mendingan kawin sama Guru, kalau kurang puas bisa diulang sampai tuntas

Kondom protes kepada softex:ketika lu lagi dipake, penjualanku anjlok 7 hari. Softex menjawab:Akh! Baru 7 hari, kalo lu bocor sekali saja, penjualanku mandek 9 bulan tau...!

Kalo susah masuk karena lemas, jilat dulu ujungnya. Kalo udah tegang, arahkan ke lobangnya sambil ditekan sedikit, kalo udah masuk, tarik lagi. Selamat menjahit, ya !

SEX is like NOKIA (connecting people), like NIKE (just do it), Like PEPSI (ask for more), like SAMSUNG (everyone is invited) and like Frozz(enak,gila !!!!!)

Kenapa penis lebih praktis dari pada Credit Card :
1. Diterima diseluruh dunia.
2. Isi ulang otomatis.
3. Tanpa batas pemakaian.
4. Tidak perlu otorisasi.
5. Habis pake tidak usah teken.

Seorang anak bertanya kepada Ibu nya : "Mengapa surgaku di bawah telapak kaki Ibu?" Dengan tenang si Ibu menjawab : "Kalo di antara kaki, itu surga Bapakmu, nak !!!".

posted by lanternaon Sunday, March 14, 2004

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

wayyy youngerrr.... 

went out and hang with the wayyy younger girl yesterday....went to a local coffee house...talked about a lot of things with to know her a little bit better....felt kinda strange at first....probabbly cuz of the age difference...but overall it was alright...must admit I kinda enjoyed it....walked her home....but when we got to her house....she insisted that I came into the house....was introduced to her aunt and the rest of the family members...hmmmm....*sigh...interesting*..went home and worked on my presentation for next week.

posted by lanternaon Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Saturday, March 06, 2004

What's chillin' with me latelly? ;) 

It's been awhile that I update my blog yah...Well, I've been pretty occupied with a lot of stuff seeh latelly...mostly work and school...and Permias NYC :)

A couple of days ago, I received a late BDay present (my Bday was almost a month ago) from someone whom I still really care a lot ;) I honestly didnt expect her to give me a Bday present, especially after the fact that we had a very nasty fight earlier in the week. I'm sorry yah ****** (sorry can't disclose her name) for all the things I've said to you. I realized how big of a jerk I've been to you all these times and hurt you so much. Sekarang, all I want from you is just for you to be Happy :) As long as you're Happy, then I'm Happy for YOU:) Oh yeah, one of the things she gave me for my present was John Grisham's latest novel "The Last Jurror". Love it so muchhh...well I Love All of Grisham's thriller :)

Moving on, but still speaking of girls,there are two that I'm currently somewhat "interested" in. Both are younger than me.. *sigh* (padahal gua lagi nyari yang lebih tua neeh :( but it's ok though) One is way younger than me....we've been talking on the phone latelly....kadang2 nge-clik tapi kadang2 ngga juga....mungkin gara2 the age difference kali yah yang buat kita kadang2 ngga nge-click..tapi ngga tau deh...liat aja deh :) The other one...hmm...shes only a couple of years younger than me....I finally managed to have the gutz to call her and we ended up talking for quite awhile. To my suprise, dia anaknya enak bgt di ajak ngomong and tampangnya juga I think is attractive. We chilled a couple of times sama yang lain and she seemed to be a very outgoing person. Tapi yah liat aja juga deh....hmmm...gua ngga mau mikir yang aneh2 deh ttg ini.

Aight then folks, that's all from me for now...;)

posted by lanternaon Saturday, March 06, 2004


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